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Get only the best scuba equipment at Northwest Scuba!

Whether you are buying your first set of Scuba gear or wanting to upgrade to the latest and greatest, Northwest Scuba is your one stop shop in the Edmonton area. Along with our knowledgeable sales staff, we can gear you up for your next Dive Adventure.

What do we have to offer?

Get everything you need in one easy package.
Whether you are looking for a specific package or want to choose one of our pre-packaged deals, you will not find an easier or cheaper way to fill your gear bag.

From basic to beyond.
Everyone knows that these are the basics of your dive gear. At Northwest Scuba, we have a variety of masks and fins that will satisfy your need for proper fit.

What keeps you from destroying reef?
We all know how amazing a good dive can be but a bad BCD can ruin that quickly. At Northwest Scuba, we can help you find the perfect BCD for you and your needs.

Because we don't have gills.
Making sure you can breathe underwater is our main concern. At Northwest Scuba, we can cure your shortness of breath underwater with our large selection of Regulators.

No better way to extend that bottom time.
The peace of mind of having that computer available to warn you of Bottom Time is one many divers use on every dive. Come in and see our selection of Dive Computers and extend your bottom time.

Got the chills?
At Northwest Scuba, we carry an extensive line of wet suits that satisfies the needs of warm water Caribbean diving to the cold water of the West Coast.

Once you go dry, you never go back!
Whether you want a dry suit for Winter Ice Diving or just for normal diving in our Alberta lakes, we have a large variety that will satisfy any budget.

Compasses, Watches, Dive Knives and more...
There are many aspects to Scuba Diving and for each of those aspects, there are accessories that make the dive much more enjoyable. Whether you are looking for a Dive Knife or a Lift Bag, come and see what we have in store.

Keep your vacation cloths dry!
Whether you are taking a trip across the world or just diving in your local quarry, you need to get your gear there somehow. Come in and see how we can help.

Cause Techies need different gear.
It is no secret that Technical Divers need different gear. At Northwest Scuba, we can satisfy that need. Come in and see.